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Adoption is near and dear to my heart. Our family has grown by adoption 3 times. I've been there. I understand the roller coaster of emotion and the overwhelming feeling of endless paperwork and the unimaginable waiting. I am passionate about caring for orphans and helping others who are doing the same. Navigating the adoption process can be overwhelming. I can help relieve some of that stress by creating a personalized profile design just for you. 

I'm glad you asked! A profile is a simple book...all about you, and your family. It shares what your life is like, your hobbies, holidays with your family, your funny dog and your silly kids and maybe even the story of how you met. Adoption agencies and attorneys often use profile books to share with expecting mothers considering adoption. It gives these mothers an idea of what life in your family is like. A brief glimpse into you...your family...your hopes for the future. Take a quick look at some of my profiles here.

Most families come to me because they have first tried to create a profile on their own. And they find themselves starring at the screen not knowing what to write...or what not to write. 

I will provide you with a guide to help you know what photos to include and what information I need to design profile that shows who you are and effectively shares who you are as hopeful parents. Agencies will often give a guideline to families, but it is not often helpful, especially when families have never seen a profile before. I will adapt my designs to fit agency guidelines. 

I will provide you with a simple questionnaire to complete helping you answer some of the topics that should be addressed in your profile. I will not write your book for you, but will help you as you answer questions and then place your verbiage in the correct places throughout your profile. I will give you a list of photos that I need and will help you choose the best ones that will represent you well. I will also edit any non-professional photos as needed (light edits...I will not Photoshop you into a supermodel...I want you to be...YOU!).   

As a photographer, I have an eye for what people enjoy visually. While you may love the photo of yourself at your last family may not be the perfect cover photo for your profile. And I will be happy to advise another photo. I want your profile to represent your best.

If you are ready to get started or just want more info, simply complete the contact form below and I will be in touch!

"We were so pleased with the job you did on our profile book this summer! We felt you captured our family perfectly with the format and pictures that you used. When we talked with the social worker that has been working with our birth mom, she just went on and on about how well done our profile book was and how much better it was presented than some of the others they had seen. We are so grateful for the job that you did for us! You were a key component in our match and we are so thankful for your creativity and how you portrayed our family. We will definitely be recommending you as we have the opportunity." - Katie R.  

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"For this child, I have prayed and the Lord has granted the desires of my heart."
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